What does my Stroller Strides membership include?

Monday through Friday Stroller Strides classes

  • Weekly Playgroups for baby and socializing
  • Monthly Moms’ Night Out
  • Quarterly “Moms on a Mission” activities to help better the community where you live.
  • Your membership allows you to use at both Alpine and Rancho San Diego locations.
  • Special events for showers, births, meal trains, etc. for our members.

Do I need to be in shape already to attend Fit4Mom Stroller Strides?

No! All fitness levels are welcome and you can work out at your own pace. Our classes are designed for all different levels of fitness and we offer modifications and challenges for everything.

Do you need to be a runner to attend these classes?

No! Stroller Strides is for Moms of ALL fitness levels. We meet for a warm up, then power walk, jog, or run to each exercise station. Instructors will send the running moms on a longer path than the walking moms so everyone meets at the next station at the same time. You exercise at the pace you feel comfortable.

I haven't exercised in a long time. Will I be able to do the class?

Yes! All exercises have modifications for any level of exerciser. Take it easy during your first class (we've ALL been there), and talk with your instructor about any additional concerns you have. We are here to support YOU and help you make individual strides in fitness, motherhood, and life!

Do I need to have a fitness stroller to participate?

No, a fitness stroller is NOT required but recommended. You do need some sort of stroller however to participate.

What should we wear and bring?

Comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. Kids can wear any type of clothes (pajamas are okay too 😊) Bring plenty of water, snacks, and diapers.

What do we do if the weather is not cooperating?

Stroller Strides is intended as an outdoor fitness program, however, we have an indoor option when needed at the Alpine Community Center Park and at the Rancho San Diego Location we have a plenty of covered awnings.

My child cannot stay in a stroller for an hour, what do I do?

Our workouts are designed and focused on our kiddos when they are in the strollers. Our instructors sing songs, blow bubbles and play plenty of games to create a fun ride. Once your child sees all the other little ones and we workout they are usually in so much awe that they stay put (you will be surprised). For everybody’s safety all kids must be buckled up in their strollers during class at all times.

What do I do if my baby cries?

No worries! Our instructors try help by playing some sort of game or distractions. Other moms may also share a toy or snack too. If needed, you can also stop your workout, take care of what you need to, and then join us again. We are all moms and we get it!

Can I join if I am expectant?

Yes! We encourage pregnant moms to exercise throughout their pregnancy unless their doctor has advised against it. Our instructors are trained in both pre and post-natal fitness.

How old does my baby have to be?

Your baby must be at least 6 weeks old to begin class or you receive written permission from your doctor. Children at any age as long as they still enjoy a ride in the stroller and can be safely buckled in.

How long are the workouts?

Workouts are 1-hour. Class typically begins with a 5-minute warm up followed by a 45-minute full body workout with the stroller that includes power walking, cardio and body toning stations. The last 10 minutes is focused on core work and stretching.

I have some rare baby-free time...can I come without my child?

Absolutely! FIT4MOM offers time for YOU and your child is not required to attend class.

Can dads come to class?

Absolutely! Dads, nannies, grandmas, and anyone can. This allows your family to spend quality time together and it is a great opportunity for spouses to get to know each other and to understand what we are all about.

Do I have to enroll for class before I come?

We strongly encourage you to enroll for class before you come. If you do not enroll by creating an account and signing the waiver prior to class, the instructor will ask you to create an account and sign a waiver at class. Also, if there are any last minute changes (i.e. weather, etc.) you will receive an e-mail and/or text message notification.

Stroller Strides vs. Joining a Gym?

Stroller Strides is not a gym! Stroller Strides allows you to get a great workout with your children by your side. You receive prenatal and postnatal fitness instruction from certified instructors and you are demonstrating to your kids how fun exercise can be. Kiddos are included in the workouts and are seeing their moms as positive role models. In return, as a mom, you are getting out of the house, getting a great workout and socializing with other moms, all of which helps to improve your mental health and well being. Stroller Strides also includes organized playgroups and moms’ night outs.

Have additional questions? Email sandyherbert@fit4mom.com or call us at (619) 722-0190.

Sign up a try a class for free and see if Stroller Strides is right for you!

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